"Dracula. By day he sleeps in a tomb beneath his desolate castle. By night he stalks the countryside, driven by a supernatural and deadly hunger. his quiet smile hides canine teeth. his seemingly delicate, white hands are infact course and broad with hairy palms and nails cut to a razor fin point. his touch yields an uncontrollable shudder. His sustinence is the life-blood of others. His victims become helpless under his hypnotic spell. there is no escape from this evil being who inhabits the shadows of the dark and dismal night. Beware of the 'everpresent blackness' and "shadows of the evening". Dracula is a vision of your "ghostly fears" come to life" (Bram Stoker).
dracula2.gif We are all familiar with Count Dracula thanks to the numerous Hollywood remakes of this classical book. None of them stand up to the original. Bram Stoker's novel is wonderfully horrifying and an extremely good read. It is full of adventure, mystery, romance and the all important SUPER NATURAL POWERS!
The adventure begins when Johnathan Harker, a sales clerk from London, travels to Transylvania to talk with the mysterious Count Dracula. The count has purchased an estate in London and Jonathan just needs some signatures. Soon strange things start to happen around the count. After a harowing ordeal, Jonathan returns home to London. Only to find his beloved wife bitten by the same Count Dracula. Jonathan joins Dr. Van Helsing and a few close friends as they set out to rid this world form the scourge that is Count Dracula.
This book is perfect for the horror fan in all of us. It will keep you reading all night long (A good excuse if you're too scared to fall asleep!). A book like this comes along very rarely; it truly is one of the greats.
I would recommend this book to any one willing to read. It takes a little while to finish but is definetly worth it. This book is for the horror fan in all of us. If you like horror, adventure or mystery genres, then this is a book for you. As they say in Dracula, "We want no proof. We ask none to belive us!" Find out for yourself just how wonderful this book is. Just don't let the Count catch you!