The Killer Angels
by Michael Shaara

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The Men
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-Robert Edward Lee
-James Longstreet
-George Pickett
-Richard Ewell
-Ambrose powell Hill
-Lewis Armistead
-J. E. B. Stuart
-Jubal Early
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-Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain
-John Buford
-John Reynolds
-George Gordon Meade
-Winfield Scott Hancock


June 29 to July 3, 1863, The historical Battle of Gettysburg takes place. The four day battle is told through the eyes of the commanders who fought there.
The book starts with a rebel spy reporting his findings on the location of union troops to James Longstreet. Harrison, the spy, tells Longstreet the news of union troops being alarmingly close. With the spys assurance that the union is close by, Longstreet and Lee decide to turn west. "There was one gap east of Chambersburg and beyond that all the roads came together, weblike, at a small town. Lee put his finger on the map. "'What town is that?"' Longstreet looked. "' Gettysburg,"' he said."(Shaara 14) By Choosing that town where the confederate and union armies will come together in a great bloody battle Lee starts the end of the confederate states because little does he know that the loss at Gettysburg will be a tremendous blow to the confederate army.

We all know that the south did not prevale at Gettysburg, so i am not going to really summarize the battle. The book tells what happened at the battle but also it tells us what was going through the minds of the people there. The author wanted the book to be real. He wanted its readers to comprehend what Lee and Chamberlain where thinking and fealing.

The book also shows us the strategy of the different armies. The author makes a giant picture about the war and the people who fought in it with the foundation being the battle of Gettsyburg. This book is yet another book that you have th read to understand for yourself.

Would I Recommend This Book?

I would highly recomend this book. As you know there are many characters in this book but the way it is written makes it so easy to follow. I never got confused. If you dont know anything about the battle of Gettysburg then there are maps and the layout of the troops is explained well. You can learn alot from this book even if you know alot about the war. The author makes it seem like you are there inside the heads of the generals and it is very captivating. I enjoyed reading this book and it was very hard to put down. I believe that his is the greatest civil war book I have ever read. Throughout the book we see struggle. Everyone misses home, some are torn between their loyalty to there state or their country and even their friendships, and Lee struggles with his heart problems. We know that Lee had real heart problems in the war but in this book we can see how the war has broken his heart.
This book is certainly outstanding. It makes you feal something for a war that none of us can really relate to.

"The Volunteer"

"AT dawn," he said, "I bid them all farewell,
To go where bugles call and rifles gleam."
And with the restless thought asleep he fell,
And glided into dream.
A great hot plain from sea to mountain spread, -
Through it a level river slowly drawn:
He moved with a vast crowd, and at its head
Streamed banners like the dawn.
There came a blinding flash, a deafening roar,
And dissonant cries of triumph and dismay;
Blood trickled down the river's reedy shore,
And with the dead he lay.
The morn broke in upon his solemn dream,
And still, with steady pulse and deepening eye,
"Where bugles call," he said, "and rifles gleam,
I follow, though I die!"

-Elbridge Jefferson cutler

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