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Dracula is the story of the discovery and destruction of a monster. The book starts with the journal of Jonathan Harker, a young gentleman on a business trip for his boss Mr. Hawkins. During his stay at Count Dracula's castle he discovers the secrets and true identity of Dracula. "There lay the Count, but looking as if his youth had been half renewed, for the white hair and moustache were changed to dark iron-grey; the cheeks were fuller, and the white skin seemed ruby-red underneath; the mouth was redder than ever, for on the lips were gouts of fresh blood, which trickled from the corners of the mouth and ran over the chin and neck. Even the deep, burning eyes seemed set amongst swollen flesh, for the lids and pouches underneath were bloated. It seemed as if the whole awful creature were simply gorged with blood" (Stoker 52). Eventually he escapes and the story switches to his fiance Mina's journal. Her friend Lucy falls under the spell of Dracula, and her former suitors come together to save her. This includes her fiance Arthur Godalming, Dr. Seward, Quincey Morris, and Dr. Van Helsing. Lucy dies after weeks of agony and becomes a vampire. From her transformation a group of slayers is born. The group is made up of the men who had tried to save her and Jonathan and Mina Harker. They come together to hunt down Dracula and any other vampires that he has created. To know what happens in the end you will have to read the book. ;)

Why this book is OUTSTANDING
This book is outstanding for many reasons. First, the way the story is told. The point of view switches from each character and their story is told through journals, letters, and telegrams. This makes the book so much more interesting because while something is happening to one character, another character won't know about it until later in the story. For example, when Lucy died Mina didn't know about her death until a week later. The horror and fear that radiates from this book is my favorite reason for it being outstanding. Every time I read the book, even if it was just one paragraph, I would be so terrified and become extremely paranoid. Stoker describes detail and occurances in such a subtle way that only the reader would be scared and know what was happening. Also, the book uses more old-fashioned phrases, language, and custom than books today, but anyone can understand what is going on. This book is about 111 years old and is one of the older books, yet it is so exciting and thrilling and can give anyone the chills. I recommend this book because anybody can find some parts that are interesting. I also recommend it for the reasons stated above, and it will keep you awake at night from either not wanting to put the book down, or from being too scared to go to sleep.