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A Death in the Family is a story about family, and death. The Follet family has to learn how to cope after the loss of Jay Follet. In the book Jay learns from his brother that his dad is in the hospital because he got in a car accident. Right away he leaves to go visit his father. He tells his wife that he would be home later that night, around 10pm. She gets a call later that night. She gets notified that her husband had been in a fatal car accident. He died from a concussion, from hitting his head on the steering wheel. The family learns to cope with the death of Jay, and Mary, Jay's wife, learns how to cope with the death of her husband, and become a widow. This book is about the struggle for a family to stay together during a time of hardship and loss.

Why is this book outstanding?
I think this book is outstanding in many ways. It teaches you many life lessons like how to cope with the death of a family member, and the struggle the family faces. It is also an outstanding book because it is very touching and emotional. It makes you feel like you were part of the family. It was a really good book and I certainly thought it was outstanding.

What makes this book outstanding?
There are many things that make this book outstanding. First of all, I think the emotions in this book are very strong. The author lets you know how every character feels through dialogue and it makes you think what the characters are thinking. I also like the writing style of the author. I like how it was written through Jay's son, Rufus' eyes. It made you think about the book more and it made it easier to understand. I also liked how the author showed you how the characters in the book acted. There is one quote in particular that made me feel like I was actually there. "There's been a slight- your husband has been in an accident. A serious accident." (Agee 111) Quotes like these made the book easier to read and created a picture for me in my head. I think these reasons helped make this book outstanding.

Would you recommend this book?
I would definitely recommend this book. I really liked it, and I liked how the author wrote about a real life situation. If I had to rate this book, I would give it an eight out of ten. I liked how the author wrote the story but the beginning was a little too slow for me. But, overall I liked this book.

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