Rebecca is the story of an unnamed you woman who marries a widower named Maxim de Winter after only knowing him for a few weeks. Upon returning to her new home, she learns that his previous wife had only died a few months earlier in a boating accident. While she lives there, she is convinced that Rebecca's ghost is haunting their estate. She also believes that Maxim is still in love with her. The housekeeper, Mrs. Danvers, compares her every move to Rebecca's so her self-esteem is shot. When the annual costume ball comes around, she does not know what to wear so she lets Mrs. Danvers pick her outfit out for her. Little did she know, it was the exact outfit that Rebecca wore the ball before she died. When Maxim saw what she was wearing, he was shocked and avoided her the entire night and a few nights after the event. She once again is convinced that Maxim still loves Rebecca and will never love her. She was so depressed, that she almost let Mrs. Danvers persuade her to kill herself. While truly considering it, a boat in the harbor outside their home. It was Rebecca's sailboat with her body still in it. After the body is found, Maxim confesses to her that he killed her because she was having an affair with her cousin and claimed to be pregnant with his child. Upon hearing this, he asked for a divorce, but when she refused, he shot her and then sunk her in her boat. When holes are found in the bottom of the boat, a coroner believes that she killed herself, but her cousin, Jack Favell, does not believe that she would do so and accused Maxim of killing her. A judge named Colonel Julyan investigate what happened to her the day of her death and found that she went to see a doctor in London. Maxim and his wife accompany him to the doctor and the doctor tells them that she had been diagnosed with cancer and that she could not have any children. Convinced that these reasons led to Rebecca's suicide, Julyan dismissed the charge against Maxim. When Maxim and his wife try to return home, their house is on fire, and they are forced to leave.

This book is outstanding because the whole time it is read, it makes you think. Everytime you think of a possible outcome, the book goes on a different twist to make your idea wrong. It uses a very extensive vocabulary of words and it flows very nicely. Surrounding the entire story is mystery and there are so many questions to be asked about everything, including what is the narrator's name? I suppose that it is not important to the story but the fact that you don't know creates the higher sense of mystery.