The Human Comedy
By: William Saroyan

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The Book The Human Comedy is set during the world war in the small fictional town, Ithaca California, during the World War. The main chararcter, Homer Macauley, a boy of all of 14, gets a job as a telegraph messenger in his small home town of Ithaca. He also attendes high school and trys to take the roll of the man of his household, for his father died in the war, and his brother Marcus was drafted to the Army. Homer gives all the money he makes from his job to his mother to help the family.
Homer's younger brother, Ulysses, is young and couriose and ofter spends his days walking around the small town of Ithaca. His older sister, Bess, also lives with the family and can often be found with Mary, Marcus's girlfriend. Homers mother stays at home to take care of the family and likes to play the harp.
In the begining of the story, Homer first gets his job. He is underage, but Mr. Grogan and Spangler allow him to work anyway. When dleivering his fist telegram, Homer is emotional about the messege , which infomrms a lday that here son had died in the war. Througout the book, there are similar telegrams that have the same messege.
Homer's school, is not mentioned much, but the suthor descries a moment where Homer is in his acient literature class and him and another boy, whos' much welthyer than hiom to into a small argument during class. Their teacher made them both stay after school, during a race both the boys where supposed to be in. Eventually the teacher lets them attend the race. In the race Homer falls and hurts his leg. After school he still works at the telegraph office.
Marcus is also in s few chapeters throughout the book. He describes hos hometown of Ithaca to his friend who has no home or family life. His friend fells that Ithaca is his hometown for the way his firned Marcus describes it.
In the end, the family has another loss, Marcus, had died, but his freind Toby, had come to the town to be with the family.

Why I think this book was placed on the "Outstanding Books for the College Bound" list

I think this book is on the "Outstainnding Book for the College Bound" list becasue it describes in a complete and clear way the story of a family, who's lifes are grealty affected by the World War. The auther descibes the characters in this book as if they where real and makes the book sound as if it had actually happend. The setting of the book is a small town in Califonia and is completely life like. The book is also somewhat emotional, making the reader think about there family. This book The Human Comedy definetly deserves to be on the list.

Why do i recomnend this book?

I remcomend this book becasue of the wonderful, relisctic character throughout the story. Everyone in the book goes through differnt adventures that have a complete afect on the outvome of the story. The plot is interesting yet emothioal. And the town is life like and gives the reader a felling of being home.