"I've watched through his eyes, I've listened through his ears, and I tell you he's the one. Or at least as close as we're going to get."- Page 1 of Ender's Game.

Main Charaters:
Ender Wiggin- Genius who is supposed to be the answer to the Buggers. His personality is basically half of Peter's and Valentine's personalties.
Peter Wiggin- Ender's older brother. He is a genius but cannot really connect with people very well so he is a bully. He is crazy and sadistical. Plans on taking over the world.
Valentine Wiggin- Ender's older sister who is also a genius. Loving, kind, pascifistic, and is able to connect with people but is too good at it.
Buggers- The common enemy of everyone on Earth. They are more of an indirect main character because they aren't a character but their actions do effect what happens.
Colonel Hyrum Graff- He is basically Ender's gaurdian. He watches over Ender's devolpment and makes decisions about what will be used for his devolopment. He does this because he knows the most about Ender.

What I thought about the book:
I really liked this book and I think people who like science fiction books whould also like it. It took a surprisingly long time for me to get through the chapters and pages but they were worth it in the end. I'm planning on reading the rest of the series and I hope anyone else reading it decides to read it also does.

Why I think it was on the list:
I personally feel this book was on the list because it was somewhat believable. It used some real mathmatical formulas (not in there but ideas of story) to explain some things. It was very well played with the character introductions and how the whole thing played out. I personally could see some of these things happening under certain conditions. One of those was how isolating Ender helped keep him the same and had him become more dependable on himself.
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Ender's Game on iPulp
Ender's Game on iPulp

Short summary:
I chose the book Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card. The book is a science fiction novel that deals with the fate of the world in the future resting in the hands of a little kid. But this kid is not just an ordinary kid. He is a genius. His name is Andrew Wiggin and llikes to be called Ender. Before he was even born his life was in the hands of the government. His parents signed some papers that allowed the government do some tests on their children to see if they had what it took to go to a private militaryu school in space. If they did, they would take them. If they didn't, they would allow them to stay with there parents. Ender's older brother Peter didn't make it for not being able to connect to other people and for being cruel. Ender's sister Valentine didn't make it because she was to pascifist, kind, and could connect with people to much. So The government hoped for his parents to give birth to someone who was half of peter and half of Valentine. They gave Mr. and Mrs. Wiggins to have one more child then the law allowed (2 at the most like China) and thats why Ender was born. He was born to defeat the buggers. The buggers are aliens that look like ants and can only communicate telepathically with mostly their own race. They led two invasions on Earth and are presumedto be leading a thrid invasion on earth.

Ender passes where his siblings failed. He has a kind, smart, and ambitous personality and that allows him to pass the test and go to battle school. Battle school has classes like ours but also deals around these games that they make them play. From when he makes it to Battle School (military school in space) to when he makes it to Commander School (next school for becoming a commander of a fleet of ships) he is isolated from every other student. They make kids think he is better than them so that he has enemies to help him grow, devolop, and stay mostly the same to defeat the buggers. This way he doesn't depend on everyone else. When it comes to defeating the buggers he can't be waiting for someone to step in and help him, he has to do it himself. But will he defeat the buggers or crack from stress and pressure that all his enemies, teachers, and the games put on him? Find out by reading Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card.

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