This is a public space, anyone in the world can view it. Therefore:

  • Your language is important. Communicate clearly and politely.

  • Do not change anyone else's text without their permission.

  • Be creative, not destructive.

  • Be safe: do not share personal information, including your last name.

  • Always wear a helmet!

Guidelines for editing wikis

Joining the Wiki

1. Go to
2. In the “Join Now!” box, pick a username that includes your first name, set your password, and enter your email address. Remember not to include identifying information like your last name in your username!
3. Choose “No” when it asks “Make a Space?”
4. After joining, go to your email inbox, open the confirmation email from Wikispaces, and click on the confirmation link.
5. Go to
6. Click “Join this Space” in the upper left corner, then send the message.
7. After Ms. Werner has received your email and accepted your request, you will be able to make changes to the site.

Creating Your Page

  1. Go to the directory page for the assignment.
  2. Click the “Edit This Page” button in the middle above the main page.
  3. Type in your name, along with your topic, under the others.
  4. Highlight what you just typed, then click the link button in the middle of the toolbar.
  5. In the box that pops up, select “Wiki Link.”
  6. Make sure the “Page Name” drop down menu says “NewPage…” and the “New Page Name” is the same as the information from Step 4.
  7. Click “Okay.”
  8. Click the “Save” button on the right of the toolbar.
  9. Click on the link to the page you just created.
  10. Click the “Edit This Page” button in the middle above the main page.
  11. Wiki away! Get more info about what your wiki can do at